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     Welcome to, the website of a Chicago based lighting designer.  A native to the small Nebraska farming town; Casey currently resides in Chicago, IL where he is working professionally as a freelance lighting designer.  Integrating a high degree of collaboration into the process of mounting live entertainment, Casey creates a final product that is both visually appealing and aesthetically appropriate to the production as a whole.  This style of design ensures the production's objectives are achieved while maintaining the audiences' visual and intellectual interest.

     Casey has worked on many productions at the local, regional, and international levels including work at many theatres all over the country and beyond, such as Chicago, New York City, and Paris.

     Please feel free to navigate this page in order to see various examples of Casey's work or visit the designs page to view photographs by show or to view some of the technical documents and light plots created for those projects.  To read about Casey's journey as a visual artist on the biography page, or check out Casey's resume or vita which is continually stretching longer.  You can navigate the page with the series of buttons on the left. Check back periodically, as things change pretty quickly in the world of entertainment design.


 Thank you for your interest and time,

Casey Diers